Group Course

Theory, kite control, safety, launching and landing.

Refresher Lessons

Private Lessons

All prices include the full equipment you need.
Do not hesitate to contact us for current offers.

How long does it take?

You will need about 9 to 12 hours in total.
The whole thing will take place within 1 to 3 practice days

Lessons will start with controlling a small kite and will finish with the ability to make your first waterstart!
You will learn how to use your equipment in a safe manner and what to do in case of emergency.

What you have to bring with you

Wetsuit (in the Wintertime)
Lycra (in the Summertime)

See here some shopping recommendation from us: Shopping List

For those who never tried kitesurfing before and want to have a Crash Course Experience please have a look for our special offer –> Intro to Kitesurfing.

Its possible to join with 2 students per lesson.
If you take two or more levels at the same time we can offer you a discount, see hour prices for group sessions.

It´s also possible to join with 2 students per lesson

Its only possible to take the private Lessons with 1 student per lesson

Go diving!

The Red Sea is known for those turquoise transparent waters. Just a world-known place to discover the underwater world.

• 2 dives from the boat
• including full diving equipment
• Lunch on the boat and drinks
• snorkelling
• video and pictures about the trip

The “all around carefree” package

This is my special offer, which differentiates me from other kite instructors and kite schools.
I provide not only a varied program with private diving lessons on windless days but also an all-round care while kiting.
If you have to book expensive special services elsewhere, I take care of the setup and choosing and preperation of the kites, the return by boat, the cleaning of the rental equipment and much more.

Also the advice which kites should be used at which time and a comprehensive theory training are included in this package.

Its possible to take the private Lessons with more than 1 student per lesson